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So yeah, this is my art.



:laserpointer: by Waluigi-Prower

Wow. Just wow. I literally laughed when I saw this. This is so hilarious, and the fluid movement makes it seem like an official emote! ...


A preemptive strike against any fan-dumb by The-Max765
A preemptive strike against any fan-dumb
Well, there's erotic fanart of the Lodger/Edgar, so I'm stopping this from getting worse. There will be no crossovers of any anime and Knock Knock. There will be no crossovers of Square Enix games and Knock Knock. And there will be no 'born again conversion endings' for Knock Knock. Blatant character-derailing religious tract fanart or fanfics are not a good way to advertise your religion. One of these has already been made for Knock Knock, and let's keep it that way.
You Don't Say: Edgar Edition by The-Max765
You Don't Say: Edgar Edition
Here, have some creepydorableness with your snarking!

Go forth, and pwn with the Lodger's/Edgar's epic idiot-pwning sarcasm!
It just hit me

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Prayer Warriors Episode 1: The Skeptic’s Annotated Science Theatre
Four: *announcer voice* Hello and welcome to episode n of Maxverse Science Theatre! I’m the Doctor, fourth generation.
Ozzy:I’m the Guardian o’ Metal, Ozzy Skul
Zeke: I’m Zeke Halloway, Nerd level OVER NINE THOUSAND!
Zelda: I’m Princess Zelda of Hyrule
Zeke: *Harkinian voice* Hyrule!
Zelda: Shuddup, Zeke.
Edgar: And I’m Edgar Lockwood, Esquire. I lost a bet to Zeke.
Zeke: *Mario voice* Heeere we gooooo!

Chapter One: Being Together The Army
<Zeke: What is happen?! Somebody set up us the bomb!
Zelda: I think someone’s gotten into the glittering spores…
Ozzy: Sorry!
Zelda: That’s not-- that’s not what I meant.>

Believer in Christ: Hello Jesus!
Jesus: Hello my son.
<Four: Hello, sit down and tell me about these voices in your head. Might I inquire about your mother?
Zeke: *spy voice* YOUR MOTHER!
Zelda: *pffft* Ha ha! Oh, grow up, Zeke! Ha ha ha!>
Believer in Christ: Am I saved by writing this story.
<Edgar: Saved from what, intellect?>
Jesus: Yes my son.
Believer in Christ: Good. Now should I go hunt down those Satanists.
<All: NO!
Zeke: *Hotel Mario voice* No.>
Jesus: Yes my son.
<Zeke: *Darth Vader voice* Crazy moron, I am your father.>
Disclaimer: I do not own the Bible, God does. I will not feel sorry for using Percy Jackson as it is evil and should not have a disclaimer.
<Zeke: This is illegal, you know.
Zelda: So… by having one, are you a thief? Isn’t that a, what do you call it… err… bad… thing? Sorry, Hylia isn’t a dogmatic bitch goddess like theirs is.
Edgar: I see what you did there.>
Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall. -Proverbs 16:18
<Zeke: An hero to the jeebus guise, truly.
Zelda:  BEEEEP! Hypocrite alert! Hypocrite alert!>
I am Jerry
Four: Jerry, stop trying to preach! You need to go back to making ice cream with Ben!
Zelda: Well, apparently he drowned...>
and I am a prayer warrior.
<Zeke: But what do you strive for?>
I am a servent  of the lord and will do anything to get rid of evil Gods
<Edgar: So…. do absolutely nothing at all, since there’s no such thing as deities?>.
Lately the Satanic leader Percy Jackson has taken over much of the land, along with his Satanic Army and his girlfriend whore. She has sex with other people just to get Satanic money
<Ozzy: Oh, is that what the kids are calling it these days?>.
That means that I have to get an army together of Christians, so that we can defeat the servents of Satan, and defeat his evil puppets, the false greek gods, who are in fact a lie created by Satan to poison people`s mind.
<Ozzy: I have like ten different songs stuck in my head now.>
Take heed to thyself that thou be not snared by following them,
<Four: Then don’t follow them! If they keep putting up traps, they probably don’t want you around!>
after that they be destroyed from before thee; and that thou enquire not after their gods, saying, How did these nations serve their gods? even so will I do likewise. – Deuteronomy 12:30 <Four: Oh, come on now, everyone knows that book was the worst in the series. The characters sucked eggs, and the plotline was hardly believable. It read   like a rule book written by some guy allergic to shellfish.>
"Hello my fellow Christian" I told Mary, who is named after Jesus`s Mother.
<Zeke: *Silly Russian accent* Greetings, comrade!
Four: In Soviet Russia, bad story writes you!> I and her are not dating,
<Edgar: do you even grammar?>
if you Satanic scum think that there is something Satanic going on.
<Ozzy: New drinking game: Every time Jerry says anything about Satan, do a shot. You’ll prob’ly wake up in a bathtub. Or the hospital.
Four: Or both!>
We are dating, but we are not having Sex until we get married.
<Zelda: Cool story, bro.
Edgar: Why is “sex” capitalized?>
But because we are 15, it means that it is going to be while before we do such a thing.

"Yes Jerry, how are you. Have you been doing the lord`s biddings?"
<Four: How many biddings?>
she asked me. I nodded my head and then she took out the bible and we read the first Chapter of Genesis, which is about the the creation of the world.
<Edgar: This has already been established. Literally, to some.
Zelda: Are they just starting to read the damn thing?> We talk about how God was so good that he was kind to create a great world as we live in.
<Edgar: A typical outlook for a brainwashed first-world illiterate who’s entirely unaware of anything outside of his congregation.
Zeke: *Ganon CD-I voice* Burn!>
He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is folly and shame unto him. -Proverbs 18:13 <Zelda: Look who’s talkin’, dodongo-brain.>
Then we discuss about how Satan had poisoned the world by inventing false gods such as Zeus and Venus, who were sex gods, which is against the Ten commandments.
<Edgar: You dolt! Zeus is a thunder god, everyone knows that!
Zeke: Well, he is prone to Kirking…
Edgar: He’s still not a sex god.>
"I need an Army to defeat the evil leader Percy Jackson" I asked her.
<Edgar: That’s not a question.
I wanted an army so that I could defeat this Satanist and his ungodly army.
<Zelda: What, his summer camp buddies? Pfft, I could kick his pansy ass any day. Waterbreathing? And a pen sword? Hell, just call up a Zora and give him some crayons or someshit.>
This is America which is a Christian nation,
<Zeke: *Lex Luthor voice* WRONG! Treaty of Tripoli, bitch! Nowhere in the constitution or bill of rights does it say anything about any religion, aside from separating church and state. Just because it’s the majority, doesn’t mean it’s policy.>  
so Satanist, athesit,
<Edgar: How ironic that most of the people who give negative connotations to “atheist” don't even know how to spell it.>
hindu, muslims, buddhist, and any other non-god fearing people,
<Zelda: Why should people fear god if he’s so benevolent?
Edgar: Therein lies the fallacy, Yahweh is not benevolent.
Zelda: Exactly my point. This ain’t my first cucco ride, kid.>
who worshiped false gods, should not be allowed in this God fearing Nation.
<Edgar: Let me spell this out very simply: Muslims. Worship. Yahweh. As in, your “One true god.” They simply call him a different name. You might as well spew hate to Central America, South America and Spain for worshipping Dios.
Ozzy: But Dio is awesome!>
We must get rid of them, and make them slaves, if they agree to being a fellow Christian.
<Four: Wait, WHAT!? Wait, actually, that’s what they’re supposed to do, according to the--
Zeke: The enclosed instruction book!
Four: Yes, yes, that. That one by that guy named Matt or something like that.>
Once they truly believe in God and his son, Jesus, then would we release them to bring glory to God and his son. If they still did not believe, we would burn then, just as their fellow Satanist did when they refused to worship our lord Jesus Christ.
<Four: And what do we burn apart from witches?!
"I want to bring Glory to God"
<Zeke: Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne! RAWR!
Ozzy: Speakin' of which, I need about ten more skulls so I can finish mine.
Zeke: You're actually making...? Wait, why am I surprised about this?
Ozzy: So if anyone's got any cool skulls lyin' around, send me a few.
Edgar: Well, in case I don't make it through this terrible fanfiction, there's a cougar skull I've been using as a bookend that you can have.
Ozzy: *grinning* I love you Edgar...>
Their bows also shall dash the young men to pieces; and they shall have no pity on the fruit of the womb; their eyes shall not spare children.-Isaiah 13:18
<Four: So… abortions by sword? HERESY! BLASPHEMY! SPARTA!
Zeke: HA HAHAHA!Ha hah ha ha *snort* hahaha! Heh hee, ahh. I see what you did there.>
"Then I will show you my Christian friends. You will not find a ungodly one among them. There are as clean as you can get them"
<Four: BOY FOR SALE! BOY FOR SALE! SIXPENCE A DAY TO CLEAN YOUR HOUSE AND WASH YOUR CLOTHES! BOY FOR SALE! CLEAN AS YOU CAN GET! BOOOOY FOR SAAAAALE!> she told me. She had a her hair tied back so that it would not get in her
and not look like a Satanic whore. She also made sure that her skirt did not show any of her legs, or else it would be a sin for a man such as myself to look at it.
<Four: Her skirt or her legs?
Ozzy: That’d mean one’a two things: She’s either a helluva dame, or tha’s one helluva fuckin’ skirt.>
And that was when I got message that a follower of the Satanic leader Percy Jackson.
<Edgar: That a follower of Percy Jackson… What?
Zeke: I used to finish my sentences, but then I took…
Four: He accidentally the whole thing, obviously.>
He was there to force people in believing in false gods that made their followers get naked and perform Satanic killings
<Zelda: That sounds awful.
Edgar: That sounds incredibly unlikely.
Ozzy: That sounds wikkid fuckin’ epic!
Four: That sounds incredibly amusing, so long as they didn’t actually hurt anyone.
Zeke: That sounds like YouTube GOLD.>
Also thou shalt not approach unto a woman to uncover her nakedness, as long as she is put apart for her uncleanness. -Leviticus 18:19
<Ozzy: What if it’s just a picture of a naked chick?
Edgar: What if you’re performing an operation on her?
Four: What if her clothes had been covered in napalm, and she had to remove them to avoid being burned alive? Oh, wait… Never mind.>
But the prophet, which shall presume to speak a word in my name, which I have not commanded him to speak, or that shall speak in the name of other gods, even that prophet shall die. -Deuteronomy 18:20
<Zeke: *CDi Ganon voice* Or else you will DIE!>
So I went down stair to face the false prophet.
<Edgar: There’s only one stair?
Zeke: I find your lack of stairs… disturbing.>
He was a believer in false nature gods, such as Pan, who is Satan in disguise.
<Ozzy: Whoa, he's got a really shitty disguise.
Zeke: Spoiler alert!>
He had big Satanic horns, so that everyone that was Christian could tell that he was a Satanist.
<Four: Hold on, is he a satanist or is he satan? I’m confused.
Zelda: He’s horny, that’s all we know.
Ozzy: AHAHAHAHAAA! oh, tha’s great.>
"Believe in my god Pan" said the Satyr. "I am Grover and I am servent of Pan and Satan, who are great gods. They are better then God and Jesus"
<Edgar: Then god and jesus what? then what did they do? Finish your damnable sentences, idiot!
Four: *Sesame Street Grover Voice* Hello dere! I’m here to teach you kids about Satan! *gesticulating* He’s a biiiig-- ha ha ha haaa! Ha, oh dear, I can’t even… Hee… heh heh… ah.>
He that sacrificeth unto any god, save unto the LORD only, he shall be utterly destroyed. -Exodus 22:20
<Zeke: It goes something like this: Ka-BOOOOOOM! I’mma Firin’ mah Judgement! BWAAAAAARGH! MMMM! DIE! BAMZ! MMMM! YOU MUST DIE!>
So to defeat this Satanic scum, me, Mary and one of her Christian friends that was there, her name was Ruth, prayed to God and our lord Jesus Christ, to bring down this false prophet.
<Edgar: And while you were distracted, they went away so they could carry on with their lives without a bunch of mad cultists trying to kill them. They joined the witness protection programme, moved to Newark, New Jersey, and lived contentedly after for approximately 75 to 80 years each. The end.>
And behold, a group of locus came from the heavens and ate Grover alive. No part of his body, other then his guts and his brains, was left. No even his bones remained.
<Zeke: *Mortal Kombat announcer voice* FLAWLESS VICTORY.
Edgar: They left the COMPLETELY EDIBLE internal organs but ate indigestible bones.
Four: Did they leave the brain as a trophy or something? I’d put that in a jar, maybe parade around with it some. Gloat. Something along those lines.>
And the LORD said unto Moses, Stretch out thine hand over the land of Egypt for the locusts, that they may come up upon the land of Egypt, and eat every herb of the land, even all that the hail hath left. -Exodus 10:12
<Zelda: Cool-eth gospel, Broseph of Nazareth.>
So we brought glory to God. We killed a sheep so that we can say thanks to God.
<Zeke: Wait, isn't that what the Satanists are supposed to do?
Zelda: PETA's heads would explode.
Ozzy: But wouldn't it be great if PETA n' Jerry just finished each other off?...
Four: You are cordially invited to the Socially Retarded Cult of Yahweh and Son’s annual WHAT IN THE BULL-FUCKING HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM Bar-Be-Cue. No alcohol allowed. Wear only burqas and magic underwear. baptisms mandatory. Curfew is 5:00 PM. BYOB.>
Then we went back church and prayed some more.
We read the Bible and how Paul convert many people to God.
<Zelda: Skipping around, are we?>
Then Mary`s friends came and we made them members of the Order of the Prayer Warriors.
Their children also shall be dashed to pieces before their eyes; their houses shall be spoiled, and their wives ravished. -Isaiah 13:16
<Four: Is that your initiation process!?
Zelda: I wouldn’t put it past ‘em…>
Believers in Christ: Thank you for read this and I hope you have turn to the glory of God and his eternal son Jesus Christ, the greatest thing to ever happen to this earth. May all that read this be save.
<Zeke: A public service announcement from the BeanBean Demonslayer Council. The less you know
Zelda: Conglaturation, a stupid psychopath is you.>
Jesus: You done me well son.
<Zeke: Son, I am disappoint.
Zelda: Mmmhm, you know you done did me well, son! Mmhm, I had told y’all he was fi’nn’a do well, and what happened? Exactly what I said would happen. *snaps fingers*>
Believer in Christ: Thank you my lord for giving me live and allow me to write this. Amen.
Prayer Warriors: the Evil Gods
Co-written with BloodfangTheGreen for maximum lolz.
I own nothing. Enjoy.

Hurt\Comfort: Insomnia
Fandoms: Knock-Knock, Haunted Mansion video game

Things had actually managed to get weirder for Ezekiel Holloway. Considering that Zeke was the chosen hero of a nearly-2000-year-old high-powered asskicking device from the spirit world called the Beacon of Souls, which looked like a lantern, but worked more like the sci-fi death ray of Zeke’s geeky comic-book-and-video-game-fuelled dreams, that was saying a lot. He’d fought a 500-year-old necromancer overlord and become the caretaker of a very, very haunted mansion—not that he minded, the ghosts, skeletons, and resident gargoyle were nice folks, though the constant barbershop quartet from the singing busts could get annoying. But Zeke’s life had just gotten a change for the weirder.

Said change was the newest happy haunt, though he didn’t technically count, seeing as he was still alive. Physically, he looked almost like a child, but he was actually somewhere around Zeke’s age, early twenties at the most. He’d spent all his life in isolation, in an old house in a dreary, dying forest in the buttcrack of nowhere. He was a scientist. Well, he was a scientist during the day. He spent his nights trying to keep the unspeakable, nightmarish horrors that haunted him from completely unraveling what was left of his threadbare sanity. When Zeke had first met him, he’d seemed more like a shell-shocked war veteran than a scientist. He hardly managed to recall his name, his real name, not ‘lodger’ like he said the horrors called him. His name was Edgar Lockwood.

Edgar was surprisingly intelligent and eloquent, though once Zeke thought about that a bit, it wasn’t surprising at all. It was his haggard appearance that made one immediately realize something was wrong. For starters, he was even smaller and scrawnier than Zeke, shockingly enough. He must have weighed about 100 pounds…

He had the complexion of Morticia Addams, and the number of expressions Zeke had seen on his face could be counted on one hand. He had a wild explosion of blood-red hair that made him look like a much creepier version of a troll doll. But his EYES…

The horrible bags beneath his gaping, haunted eyes were the first thing on Zeke’s mental ‘Things That Creep Me Out About Edgar’ list. ‘Insomnia’ was possibly not a strong enough word to describe the toll Edgar’s twisted, horror-story life had taken on him.

But, despite looking the part, Edgar Lockwood was by no means dangerous or malicious. Sure, 'normal' people would just dismiss his first-hand account of mind-breaking, unrelenting hell as a sure sign he should be locked up. Zeke knew better. He'd had a crash-course in malevolent presences, and if you could detect them, you didn't exactly need to be a rocket scientist to figure out there was SOMETHING in that forest. Something very, very powerful-- and very, very evil. Edgar didn't have phobias. He had survival mechanisms.

Whatever the hell the thing was, it had definitely left its mark. It was possible that it was behind the forest dying, and that by itself was a terrifying thought. But the effect it had on Edgar was heartbreaking. Even with Zeke, Edgar was nervous and jumpy. The poor guy had been alone with that... thing... for several YEARS. Worse yet, Zeke had seen pictures on his wall, pictures of people who were definitely his family. Something, something terrible, had happened to them. Edgar was the last one left.

Zeke had taken the poor guy in. There was no way in hell he was leaving anyone, ESPECIALLY not someone as sophisticatedly kind as Edgar, to die in Evil Spirit-Horror Chernobyl. It took a bit for Zeke to explain to Edgar all the crazy goings-on at Gracey Manor, and it took another bit to explain to the manor's denizens what was going on with Edgar, but for the most part, things went pretty well. Baron Desrochers still needed some convincing on Edgar not being dangerous, but he could be reasoned with-- he wasn't THAT much of a jock. He was sort of a jock, being a six hundred-pound, eight-foot wall of gargoyle muscle, but he thankfully wasn't enough of a jock to act like Zeke was inferior or be persuaded to get out a US map and go looking for East Dakota.

Things might have gotten weirder, but it was weird in a good way, and Zeke's extensive Internet experience had taught him to thrive in good-weirdness. It was his greatest Internet life lesson, right up there with 'bullshit is everywhere'. And in a good-weird sort of way, Zeke had become quite attached to Edgar. He was in the right place at the right time, in a position to help, and damn it, he would.


“Dude, Zeke, I went in the Conservatory trying to catch some runaway books, and your little friend Pajama Sam is STILL THERE.”
“Baron, I know. I’m getting worried over here!”
The hulking gargoyle cocked a scaly eyebrow.
“Worried? What I’m worried about is Scaryass McCreepington in there deciding he wants to eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti!”
Zeke stared at Baron incredulously.
“What the hell, Baron?! Seriously, what the hell?! If you lived how he lived his whole life, you wouldn’t sleep, either! You weren’t THERE, Baron. You didn’t see his terrified reaction to me. You just sit there claiming to know everything about him like a douchebag!”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa! I’m sorry, okay? I just… ugh. I didn’t mean to be such a prick… Look, maybe you should get Madame Leota. Maybe one of the unholy demon horrors pouring out of his house followed him here.”

When Zeke opened the door to the Conservatory, Edgar was standing right there in the doorway.

“Oh. Hello, Zeke. Hello, Madame Leota. Hello, Baron. I was just about to come find you and find out who won the poker game.”
His voice sounded just as creepy as he looked, a high-pitched, slightly raspy little voice that generally gave people the creeps.
“That’s funny, we were looking for you, too. And oh yeah, I won at poker, but that was like four hours ago… Ummm, Edgar? I need you to come up to my room, we need to talk…”

Edgar stood looking around at Zeke’s room. By now Zeke’s worry had escalated. Edgar looked like hell, even more than he usually did. In fact, he was barely able to follow them up the stairs.


It was a psychic message from Madame Leota.
Zeke snatched the Beacon of Souls from his nightstand, and only seconds later, a FACE erupted from Edgar’s shadow. But panic had stopped being a default reaction for Zeke. Instead, his natural reaction was to blast the living hell out of whatever the thing was, and thankfully, it worked, and by the time Zeke was done, whatever it was had been burned to a pile of ash.

"Holy shit," Zeke managed to say.

For about three seconds after, Edgar stood there like a deer in headlights until he finally slumped forward into Zeke’s arms, eyelids fluttering.

So the sheer shock of the incident hadn’t put him out…
The young scientist managed enough strength to look up at Zeke and make eye contact, an expression born from sleep-deprived delirium in his red-rimmed eyes.
“Go to sleep, Edgar. You’re fine.”
Thankfully, the little insomniac was small enough that Zeke could pick him up and lay him down in his bed.
“Can’t. Guests. Don’t leave…”
“I won’t leave,” said Zeke softly, lying down next to Edgar, “I’m gonna sleep, too. Look, I’ll be right here sleeping.”
“They’ll come… they always do…,” Edgar said, struggling to speak, fighting hard not to fall asleep.
Zeke’s brow furrowed and he put a hand on Edgar’s bony shoulder.
“Not here. Not this time. Just go to sleep. Stop fighting it. I will personally kick the ass of anything that tries to get you here.”
Zeke could feel the tension leaving the redhead’s skinny little body, listening to his breathing evening out. Poor Edgar. ‘At least if I have kids, I’ll know what to do about the boogeyman’, Zeke thought to himself. Imaginary boogeymen were definitely preferable to Edgar’s real ones.

“And Baron, your Hannibal Lecter theory seems to be falling apart,” Zeke whispered.
“Yeah, yeah, shut up.”

Hurt-Comfort Fanfic: Insomnia
Zeke Holloway from the Haunted Mansion game and Edgar Lockwood/the Lodger from Knock Konck, being friends


Mackenzie "Max" R.
United States

Helloooooooooo! I am Lindsay Lohan!:iconachmedplz:

...Okay, I'm not Lindsay Lohan, but I HAVE seen Jeff Dunham's Spark of Insanity.

My name is Max, and I love video games, metal music of all sorts, and art. My favorite thing, however, is combining the three.

I am the creator of the Maxverse, a giant mega-crossover universe where my fanfics take place, so every one of my fics takes place in the same universe.

Be warned that NONE, I repeat, NONE of my stories will ever be slash. I don't even ship malexfemale pairings. Pairings, on the rare occasion they are included in one of my stories, will never take center stage.

That is all.
Have a nice day.

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Personal Quote: I live to make moar lulz!
It just hit me

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I have officially beaten brutal legend for the fourth time! :iconfluttershyyayplz:
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